Vitamin-D: Is It Affecting Your Performance, Immunity & Well-being?

Vitamin D has had my attention for just over 6 years. With the birth of my first daughter, I supplemented her with it that first cold and dreary winter - taking the recommended daily dose (RDA) when spending less time outside seemed to make sense for me. At the time, my basis for supplementation was … Continue reading Vitamin-D: Is It Affecting Your Performance, Immunity & Well-being?

Training While You’re Sick: How To Make The Call

Being sick will either bring out the grit in us or it will finally give us the excuse to act out a scene from Saving Private Ryan to gain sympathy from a spouse or loved one. And I hope your reading this article for a reason to get back to training and not work on your Oscar performance. That being said, there is some criteria you should be checking off before you lace up those cross-trainers. Let your symptoms (and me) be your guide!